Jul 11

Ginger Efficacious and safe Drug For Migraines

gingerGinger Efficacious and safe Drug For migraines. For those who often stricken with migraines, no need rush taking medication if nobody wants to deal with the side effects. There is a safer way to take some, namely with ginger used as seasoning and Cook made drinks.

A study conducted by the Headache Care Center in Springfield to unveil, ginger extract effectively eases migraines to 63 percent. In about 30 percent of the participants, migraines decrease in just 2 hours after sucking up ginger juice.

Research led by Dr. Roger Cady this involved 60 people who suffer migraines. Quoted from Reuters, the participants were divided into 2 groups consisted of 45 people who were given the ginger in the event of attacks and 15 people who just were given a placebo.

Although he did not explain in detail the mechanism of this research, the results confirmed that ginger can be an alternative to overcome a migraine. During this time, many people chew on fresh ginger to relieve headaches and the nausea that accompanies migraines.

Some experts believe, the content of certain compounds in the very popular seasoning this could inhibit the Prostagraldin who is the mediator of pain. Ginger is also believed to be capable of addressing the inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain which is one of the triggers of migraine.

In the study, Dr. Cady, ginger has been used are summarized in the form of extracts. But to be consumed daily, fresh ginger and dry ginger which is already powder can also provide roughly the same efficacy in migraine sufferers.

To be made into drinks, fresh ginger is usually brewed then bruised or burned in advance so that the aroma comes out. Can be taken for granted after plus sugar or other sweeteners, also may be mixed with other drinks becoming ginger tea or ginger milk.

Ginger is also processed into candy or biscuits, so the choice is more varied. Various types of cuisine are also many are using ginger to bring a distinctive flavor and warm, suitable for consumption during the cold weather.

In some people, ginger could trigger side effects such as chest pain and less advisable for those who had problems with gallstones. But in General, the side effects are much safer than chemical drugs can trigger kidney and liver damage.