Nov 01

Healthy Diet With Drinking Coffee

coffeeCoffee is one of the drinks are very delicious especially when eaten on the morning before activity. Not even the few people who consume Coffee because it is believed to make people continue to ‘ Awake ‘ due to the caffeine in coffee. But there is also a saying that excessive coffee consumption can lead to disorders such as osteoporosis, increased heart rate, could even lead to disorders of the eye.

But behind the negative effects of consuming coffee, there are also benefits us consuming coffee. In addition to generating extra energy, stamina and Coffee are also believed to be able to lose weight! Here’s how to consume Coffee for dietary needs!

1. Do not be Excessive Coffee Consumption

Excess coffee consumption may lead to precisely the fatal disorder. In addition, the excessive Coffee consumption can cause high levels of stress and insomnia. Insomnia you experience will even make you overeat and ruin the diet program you undertake. Less Your coffee servings per day to 1-2 cups per day.

2. Reduce the Cream and sugar

Indeed it was awful when we consume Coffee do not use cream or sugar at all. But, if you really want to lose weight, try to reduce the rate to the cream and sugar in your coffee. Cream and sugar overload can cause a buildup of fat. If you can’t reduce, try replacing it with skim milk or sugar-free sweeteners.

3. A cup of coffee after a meal

One of the roles of good coffee is pressed the appetite. Therefore, try to consume Coffee after a meal. Better you consume coffee after dinner, with the aim to suppress Your appetite for snacking if hunger struck at midnight.

4. Consumption of Coffee Before Exercise

Believe it or not, taking Coffee before exercise can increase energy and concentration. But in addition, Coffee also helps protect the damaged joints and reduces pain after exercise because of the caffeine found in substance a kind of antioxidants that are beneficial to reduce the pain.

5. Don’t Forget Drinking Water

The last step is to never forget the white water. Although Coffee is believed to be able to lose weight, but the benefits white water is also not less either. Coffee can be as a diuretic, which means Coffee will cause you to lose fluids. In order for your body to avoid dehydration, drink a cup of plain water You drink every cup of coffee.

That’s some way to consume coffee as dietary needs. In addition to consuming coffee, do not forget to eat healthy foods and exercise to help you get a healthy ideal body!