Nov 02

Healthy Ways To Make Men More Longevity

healthy life for manWho doesn’t want a long life? Yes, everyone would want longevity and live longer in this world. But, if You’ve been doing things that are good for longevity?

Age someone has indeed become the secret of God. But, at least you can still do business so that you could have more longevity. Yes, of course by applying a healthy life patterns and avoid all the things that can damage the body.

Compared to women, men can be said to be more of her health to be stoic. In contrast to women who are concerned with their appearance, men tend to eat anything without regard to the content of its nutrition value. They are not afraid of fat as a woman.

Well, for you men who want longevity, here are a few ways or tips that can be done:

1. No smoking

Has not been denied again, smoking is proven not good for the health of the body. Toxins from cigarettes will flow into the blood vessels and eventually destroys all the organs. Almost all smokers know the dangers of smoking. Now living on your own, will you able not to smoke?

2. Walk away

The times once claimed to have a longer lifespan as they often walk. Therefore, if you want long life, then take that time to just walk or bike for 40 minutes a day. The activity of this walk is able to make your body and mind so much healthier and fitter.

3. Reduce drinking alcohol

Not only is smoking, alcohol can also be bad for the health of the body. For some men, alcohol might have become an everyday beverage. But, should you reduce or even stop drinking alcohol starts from now on. Rather than drinking beverages that can damage the body, better drink plain water.

4. Waist size

Good as you begin to notice Your waist size starting from now. Try to keep the size of my waist no more than 37 inches. The trick of course by consuming low-fat foods. Having a large waist size can cause a variety of health risks, such as diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol.

5. Healthy food and balanced

Food is an important factor to keep the body healthy and long life. For that, you should pay attention to your diet starting from now. Try to consume foods that are healthy and nourishing to the body.

That’s some of the ways that you and the other guy can stay healthy and certainly more longevity. Want longevity and healthy living longer? Please feel free to do the above ways.