Jul 03

Herbs For Asthma, Vitex Trifolia

Vitex TrifoliaLegundi (Vitex trifolia) is a tree, shrub or small tree, its height less than 5 m and the stem is covered by soft hairs. Although much improved, the knowledge of Vitex Trifolia as medicine for asthma. The leaves are arranged in irregular along the stems and compound, normally consists of 3 linear leaflets which range between 1-12 cm. upper surface of the leaf is green and the lower surface grayish green.

The flowers grow in a panicle or groups up to 18 cm in length. The individual flower is purple violet have two lips wide Crown 5 mm. Thread which could be summarised totaled two pairs and ovaries appears to stand out or grow beyond the Crown. The fruit is fleshy about 6 mm and contains 4 small black seeds.


The fruit and leaves of Vitex Trifolia contains compounds of flavonoids, sterols, and these Terpenoids.


Pharmacological effect, among others, as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, insecticides, anti-cancer drugs, analgesic, anti allergy, asthma or cough medicine. However, data on the toxicity of the plant are still not widely reported.