Jan 08

Here are 10 Type Female Libido

femaleLibido women appeared to have a variety of types. An understanding of this type of libido to make a happier sex life.

By knowing which type of libido in women, couples can more easily when foreplay and lovemaking. Here are 10 types of female libido as described Gabirelle Moore author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed ‘on askdanandjennifer:

1. The Sensual Type

For women who have this type of libido, lovemaking is a pure expression of their love partner. This woman admiring the exotic life. When having sex, she likes to be pampered with various types of foreplay such as fruit or chocolate put in his body.

2. The Erotic Type

Women of this type are not unusual demands of her partner during sex. He likes things that are thrilling and full of adventure. This woman may not be refused when her partner favors unusual style of sex.

3. The Dependent Type

This type of women see sex as their way to relieve stress and feel relaxed. He will usually quick to anger or frustration when having sex infrequently. But he was also reluctant to take the initiative in matters of sex first.

4. The Reactive Type

Women are the type of reactive libido, will be excited when the first partner to feel it. He also would never try to seduce her partner by giving foreplay. But women will be sufficiently reactive active in sex when a partner can control the situation.

5. The Entitled Type

This type of woman does not feel she has the responsibility to satisfy their partner. He did not feel have the ability to do so. He just felt it could be to receive pleasure but can not return it. In short, women who have this type of libido is very selfish.

6. The Addictive Type

This type of woman is very obsessed with sex. For him, sex was on the agenda obligatory daily activities. If the partner is not able to control or cope with these types of women’s obsession with sex, he could be cheating.

7. The Stressed Type

Women with this type of passion libido is very low. He did not feel comfortable and felt uneasy when having sex. If it is not fast stress above, it will endanger the lives of sex and marriage. This type of woman needs to feel confident in her body. He should be able to accept themselves and how when her partner visits.

8. The Disinterested Type

Some women can not very interested in sex and orgasm. It may occur due to problems in mass and sex or libido is very low indeed. Even so, it does not mean women do not like this type of intimacy. But he prefers to get satisfaction through oral sex or masturbation.

9. The Detached Type

This type of woman is not actually hate sex. But he would rather forget. If’m feeling excited, he would rather masturbate than have sex spouses invited. This was done because he does not want what’s on his mind or doing other things replaced. Usually entering this type are those who are addicted to playing games or watching television.

10. The Compulsive Type

Women who enter this type usually have problems, such as addiction to masturbation. He will only enjoy sex if done in a certain way. For example, by giving him oral stimulation or through the help of a vibrator.