May 03

Here’s 5 Things To Check the Require Male Sperm

qualityspermSperm is an important indicator of male fertility. Its quality will also determine the chances of having offspring. When a grown man live a normal life and be able to make his wife pregnant, then the suspicion of sperm quality may never crossed.

However, when a man has been married for many years and was also making his pregnant wife, the suspicion inevitably arises and the need for examination of sperm becomes more urgent. Needs examination is also not solely on the matter of procreation, but also can also be triggered by other factors.

Well, what exactly makes a man needs to check his sperm?

1. Premarital examination. Before marriage, a test of sperm or sperm analysis (spermiogram) can be done, especially for those who want to have children immediately. Examination should be performed in sperm fertility clinic so the results can be trusted, at least standardized.

2. Your’s Wife is not pregnant after 12 months. If a man can have sexual intercourse on a regular basis, but not getting pregnant wife in an average period of 12 months, would be expected there is a problem in fertility. “In a fertility problem, not just the wife who should be checked. Husband also must be willing to do a joint. ”

3. Physical There is one from the sperm. Men also can consider sperm checks if there are suspicious of the physical sperm, such as volume and viscosity. “Men normally secrete semen at least as much as 2 cc to 5 cc when ejaculation. If less than that, of course men have to wonder and consult. Consistency viscosity sperm must also be considered. When dilute continue like water, it would have to be sent to the doctor. ”

4. History of illness, injury or surgery. Another thing that makes sperm examination is necessary if you have a history of illness or experience things that are likely to interfere with the quality of sperm before marriage or as a child.

“For example, once infected with a virus or mumps mums, or his testicles once injury or surgery because the sperm does not come out, or a hernia operation. “It certainly would make a man should be checked quickly. No need to wait until the first year. ”

5. Patterns and unhealthy lifestyle. Examination of sperm is also worth considering if you live an unhealthy lifestyle can cause abnormalities or lower sperm quality. “Those who are prone to or deterioration in the quality of sperm abnormalities, such as drug users, heavy smokers, excessive alcohol drinkers, or obese individuals.