Mar 23

Here’s 7 Things That Can Destructive Your Sperm Quality

sperm1Anything that can make sperm production decreases? As quoted from the Health, following seven things that can cause reduced sperm quality.

1. Temperature is Too Hot

According to Hal Danzer, MD, a fertility specialist from Los Angeles, when the temperature rose to 98 degrees testes, sperm production can be halted and the impact can occur up to several months. One of the things that can make testicular temperature rise is soaking in hot water. High temperatures are not good for the testes, and based on a study published in 2007, soak for 30 minutes in the Jacuzzi or hot tub can temporarily reduce sperm production.

2. Fever High

“When there is a patient man complained of fertility problems but based on examination, semen in good condition, then the first question I would ask is, ‘Have you been sick in the last three months?'” Says Kurt Wharton, MD, a fertility expert from San Francisco . High fever can also raise the body temperature, which means the impact on the decrease in sperm production. The concentration of sperm formation can be decreased to 35 percent, as long as the person has a fever.

3. Laptops

Laptop computers also become one of the factors causing the disruption of the male reproductive system. According to researchers at the State University of New York, there is a direct correlation between the use of the laptop and the temperature rise in the scrotum area. Many men are accustomed to using a laptop lap manner. It turns out that this habit can reduce fertility. The researchers in the study named ‘Fertility and Sterility’ notes that warming the scrotum more than 1.8 degrees is enough cause damage.

4. Pants are Too Tight

Men often wear too tight underwear can decrease sperm production, although the impact is not very significant. To that end, Dr. Wharton propose that more often than wearing boxer shorts. “Boxer safer than underwear. Not recommended also wearing tight sweatpants in a long time, “added Dr. Wharton. He explained, the more narrow trousers worn men, the lesser will be the ‘environment’ that allows the body to produce sperm.

5. Phones

“A study conducted in 2008 found that men with a level of intensity that mobile phone usage is high (more than four hours per day), much less sperm count and sperm motility also slower,” said Dr Shin. To reduce radiation exposure, Dr. Shin advised the men to keep their cell phone in the bag, not in a pants pocket. However, because the study of the effect of cell phones on sperm quality is still very little, some doctors disagree with the statement.

6. Obesity

Obesity is often associated with increased production of female hormones (estrogen), but on the other hand can reduce sperm count. According to Daniel A. Potter, MD, of the Huntington Reproductive Center in California, this weight problem also causes sexual dysfunction and infertility. Compared with men with normal or excess weight, obese men have lower sperm counts and function of the testes is also reduced.

7. Cigarettes and Alcoholic Beverages

“Cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana can impair sexual function,” said Dr. Potter. Excessive alcohol consumption can bring adverse effects on semen quality and production, while smoking can damage sperm motility. A number of studies have also shown that smoking cigarettes can damage sperm DNA and increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.