Jan 04

Here’s 8 Tips on How to Safely Wear Makeup While Pregnant

save cosmeticPregnancy is not an obstacle for women to stay beautiful with cosmetics. Just make cosmetics safer choice. Here are a variety of cosmetic products and the extent of its safety for pregnant women to use.

1. Lipstick.

Lipstick function helps to brighten the appearance so as not pale. Generally, the lipstick contained preservatives and dyes in limited quantities so it is fairly safe if accidentally pregnant mothers lick and swallow a little because about to wet her lips. To be safe, choose a lipstick that is made from natural ingredients. To reduce chapped lips, pregnant women can also use a lip moisturizer regularly.

2. Perfume.

As long as not to cause allergic skin and you feel refreshing aroma, one should not be sprayed perfume. However, if the pregnant mother unexpectedly sensitive to perfume used previously (pregnant women feel nauseous even dizzy), so avoid excessive use. Do not also sprayed into the neck which is actually close to the sense of smell. When you need to replace the scent of perfume with the other.

3. Whitening face cream.

Possible before pregnancy, mothers routinely use bleaching creams. But when the two entities use bleaching creams should be stopped temporarily, although the mother has black spots around the face. There are several whitening products made from mercury that may harm the fetus. If still in doubt, consult a physician.

4. The Hair Color.

One way is to change the appearance of hair painting. There are some products made from natural hair dyes that can generally be used by pregnant women. However, once again consult the doctor first and do the painting after the second trimester. Note also its useful rules evenly.

5. Acne medicine.

Hormonal factors often trigger acne in pregnant women. However, the use of acne medications sold in the market should be avoided, at least until the age of four months womb. If the presence of acne it is very disturbing, mothers should consult with a dermatologist to get acne medicine safe for pregnant women. To reduce oil production and blockages that cause acne, pregnant women can also use a special facial cleanser or soap regularly morning and evening.

6. Hair Remover Products.

Hormonal factors when the two entities sometimes cause hair or thin hair grow in feet or hands pregnant women, even in areas such as the upper lip mustache. There are several hair removal products on the market, but generally contain chemicals, better not to use while pregnant. Conventional means, such as shaving, preferably as much safer.

7. Whitening teeth.

What about teeth whitening products? Chemicals on teeth whitening products (in the form of strips or liquid) could be expected to penetrate into the gums and blood vessels and eventually to the fetus. Therefore, to avoid the use of whitening teeth while, if necessary, a toothpaste that contains bleach would be safe.

8. Hair Treatment .

One way is to change the appearance of hair perming or straightening. As this treatment of pregnant postponed please remember the basic material used for these two processes is quite hard. If you want to look with a different hairstyle, ask your hair stylist in the salon to blow your hair straight or curly.