Jul 11

How To Care For Eye Health

eyeCaring for eye health is important, because it’s a pity if our vision is lost. Before going on something it would be nice on the eyes, we maintain and take care of him properly.

As below, we help you to find anything that must be done to treat the eye properly. Eyes are very vulnerable and sensitive one, we suppose if you are too frequent and too excessive eye rubbing, it will receive disease that may be large.


carrotIt’s common, a carrot was able to maintain eye health. Carrots contained beta-carotene will become Vitamin A which is very good for maintaining eye health.

Wear Eye Protection

Wear Eye Protection

When driving, sunlight, exercise, and other activities, try to keep your eyes safe from dust and inevitable, then we recommend that you protect your eyes from it.

Sufficient Rest

Sufficient Rest

Just like the other members of the body, eyes also need adequate rest. Like watching and front of the computer for hours is enough to make eyes tired, then with it try to find a little free time to rest my eyes for a moment to see distant objects. Why do with distant objects? Because by looking at distant objects, the scope of the eyes will open and more soothing.



Indeed the egg is very rich in Protein and vitamins. Eggs also may be Vitamin A which is certainly very good for eye. In addition, the content of Lutein and Zeaxanthin that are in the egg white is known to prevent cataracts.

Check Your Eyes

Check Your Eyes

In addition to the above, we also need to come to the doctor to consult regularly. If your eyes feel nothing different or if your eyes the entry of small objects, we recommend to check your eye doctor.