Apr 24

How To Control Diabetes Mellitus

diabetesIf the disease is not treated or prevented with more intensive then there may be a few years later the more the younger generation who have experienced this disease. Because the disease is derived from dietary or lifestyle that carelessly or genetic.

Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes, full or abbreviated DM metabolic disorders is a carbohydrate, fat and protein as a result from a deficiency of the hormone insulin, insulin or both activities in blood circulation. In our body, there is naturally a process in which glucose (the main source of energy for the body) works normally. Glucose comes from the food and care.

At the time of the sugar digest food are absorbed into the blood stream, glucose is helped by insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas and serves to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates) serves to supply to the body’s cells. Normally the function of insulin and glucose will help us when we’re not eating for a while, then stash the glucose will be excreted by the liver to keep glucose levels remain normal, so our bodies still have the energy.

In some cases, the process of glucose did not go smoothly because our immune system that normally serve to fight bacteria or viruses, instead attacking the hormone insulin. This condition is made we can or even has no shortage of insulin, and the sugar will accumulate in the bloodstream. The other condition, the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, because excess fat or any other thing that could not be clearly ascertained in the medical world.

On the conditions of pregnant women, which the placenta produces hormones to sustain pregnancy, this hormone also makes cells more resistant to insulin. Therefore, women who are planning to become pregnant are advised to undergo a test that measures blood sugar blood sugar levels (in this regard see the normal absence of insulin and glucose) in the body of the woman.

As already said above, the DM disease can be caused by lifestyle or diet that carelessly or unhealthy and genetic (descendants). In addition, the age (where the risk of getting this disease increases as age increases), passive behaviors (body fat doesn’t burn), high blood pressure, cholesterol, fatty (due to overweight) and the virus also triggered illnesses this DM.

DM has symptoms such as urinating more frequently or bed wetting in children, easy feel thirsty and hungry, often packed, but the difficult weight weight goes up or even shrunk drastically, the Agency often limp and exhausted and often sleepy. On the level of DM disease is already advanced, sufferers do not even feel the pain when subjected to cuts on his body.

In people with DM women, there are specific symptoms such as vaginal infection characterized by the appearance of whitish repeatedly, although it has been getting treatment, more susceptible to fungal infection in the sex organs because the area is experiencing quite high, experiencing dampness disruption of hormone function or hormone balance which interfere with the reproductive system and depression.

A variety of ailments that can be triggered by the DM, among others: Alzheimer, Parkinson, thyroid and others. In addition the DM can cause disorders of the eyes can even result in blindness, kidney which can lead to kidney failure, heart or nervous system.