Oct 06

How To Control The Passion Sex Too High

sexual desireControl the sex drive is too high and the passionate certainly not difficult for those who have chosen a spiritual path and have experienced eliminate earthly desires. But for many others, as difficult to control sexual arousal with hunger, especially if that passion can not be matched by a sexual partner, especially if you do not have a partner at all.

High sex drive that can not be channeled properly will certainly have a negative impact and can cause frustration. So where it came from such a high sex drive and passionate it? and how to control it?

Sex drive (sometimes called by many names such as lust, sexual desire and libido) is a word to describe the psychological condition of a person who wants sex. Sexual desire are not in average condition called abnormal, the condition could be too high and too low (low libido). Both of these fall into the category of sexual problems that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Sexual arousal is influenced by several factors, including:

  • The hormone testosterone
  • The health condition of the body
  • Psychological factors, and
  • Sexual experience ever experienced before.

As with all things in this world, have a very high sex drive can be bad for private life, home and social life. Passion passionate sex tend to correlate with increased aggression and potentially become addictive. If you currently have a very high sex drive and feel it as a problem and you want to free yourself, then you need to do several things to decrease libido or sex drive at least control such large.

High sex drive is not necessarily bad as long as you can control and channel it properly. It could be said as long as it does not interfere boost your partner or distract you in the office then you have experienced the passion is still in the normal phase.

Here are some tips on how to lower the sex drive high and passionate:

1. Consultation to the doctors

Talk about your sexual condition and consult a doctor. Sex drive is too high you may be included in the category of psychological problems or Hyper sex called nymphomania. Or it could be what you are experiencing is a symptom of a serious medical condition such as bipolar disorder or adrenal cancer. After examination and the doctor suspects you have a sex addiction problem then most likely you will be redirected to the psychologist or sex therapist. A doctor can also prescribe medication to reduce your sex drive.

2. Be Open

Do not keep the problem you experienced with your own self. If you feel any guilt because it has a high appetite then consult to your religious leaders. Or if you feel uncomfortable with your partner then discuss your condition with him and look for solutions together.

3. Avoid Pornography

Avoid things or conditions that can provoke your nerves respond sexually. Do not watch pornography, read a book or see a picture vulgar. Notice how your mind reacts to certain things or certain people in such a manner so as to arouse your sexual response, then try to avoid them.

4. Sports

Repetitive movements and continuous can be distracting from negative thoughts. Sports and yoga helps the body always energetic, positive thoughts and distanced from the desire to have sex.

5. Do not masturbate

If you feel you are being sexually aroused do not directly accommodate these desires by masturbation or masturbation. Sometimes the desire of the mind for a moment and smoky trash from memories that have been passed. Try to divert your mind to things that are not related to sex until the desire is gone.

6. Increase social activity

Hang out and make friends with many people command respect and respect them, especially the opposite sex. They are no longer a sexual object in your mind but a partner for non-sexual activities. You can and definitely can establish a happy relationship with them even without sex.

We already know several ways to How to Treat Decreased Sexual Desire. And cure libido problems that are too high can be as difficult to improve low sex drive because there is no single cause of the condition. Moreover, if the patient is still single or did not have a regular sexual partner or if the partner is not able to give the same response magnitude. That is why people often feel frustrated with this one sexual problem.

The most common impact is the emergence of a rift in the household or emerging issues in the sphere of social life, work no concentration, or reduced social activities. Because it by running 6 tips on how to control and to control very high sex drive as mentioned above can help patients lose a bit of sexual arousal.