Sep 27

How to Overcome Sugar Addiction

sugar1Everyone in this world would love the sugar. Yes, it tastes sweet always make us so wanted to consume each day. Moreover, it is also often used as sugar mixed in drinks and refined cuisine.

But you need to know, consuming excess sugar can also trigger You stricken with diabetes. Moreover, if in Your family tree, there is a history of the disease diabetes. Therefore You must be alert from now on.

As reported by the healthmeup.com, you’d better start paying attention to Your sugar consumption quantity again every day. If you have many users so the habit and you start sugar addiction.

Here are ways to handle it :

1. Do not store food sweet

Get rid of all the food/drink is sweet that is in your kitchen. This will help you to control your urge to consume food/drinks that contain sugar. You should never keep a stock of food/drinks sweet in your kitchen.

2. The natural Sweetener

If you are still difficult to control yourself and would like to continue to consume food or drink is sweet, you can use natural sweeteners like honey. In addition to more healthy, natural sweetener will also reduce the risk of diabetes. However, it still should not be exaggerated.


3. Sports

By exercising You can eliminate addictions will be sugar. Regular exercise, exposed to the sun exposure is naturally, and sleep on a regular basis would make the body more fit and healthy. Therefore, we encourage you to expand sports starting from now.

4. Choose healthy snacks

Excess sugar consumption often appear when you are hungry is not controlled. To prevent this you can consume healthy snacks. Avoid sweet snacks such as candy, cookies, and cake.

5. Eat regularly

Eat regular balanced and capable of preventing you from sugar addiction. You are advised to consume healthy meals that include protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. By eating regularly, the body will not have sweets again.

Sugar does have a sweet flavor, but you shouldn’t overdo it when consume. In addition could cause diabetes, consume sugary foods can also make You so obese.