Oct 10

How to Slim Naturally: Diet Blood Type O

healthy dietHas a slim body and disproportionately be the desire of every woman. The scientists did not stop doing a series of studies in order to find a way to slim the most potent natural for every individual. Well, the blood type diet to be one that has been known to many people.

Site drlam.com, blood type diet prepared based on the theory that was created by a naturopathic physician, Peter D ‘Adamo. In his book “Eat Right For Your Type” explained that each blood type produces a different reaction to the substance of lectins in vegetable and animal substances.

Well, in the article you can find out what foods should be consumed and avoided by blood groups O to form or to lose weight and get a slim body.

Basic steps that should be considered the owner of the blood group O to lose weight is to limit the consumption of grains – grains, breads, legumes and nuts – Nuts.

The reason, the gluten in grains – whole system can slow the metabolism of type O. While the content of lectins in beans – beans and peas can settle in the muscle and lead to weight gain.

However, blood type O have a better ability to digest meat. Therefore blood type is often referred to as true carnivores.

Peter D ‘Adamo in its official website dadamo.com add that type O should make this diet as a lifestyle rather than simply the intention to lose weight. That’s because O adjusted with personality who can not do something in a short time.