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How to Treat Decreased Sexual Desire

onenightAt a young age, your passion or sexual desire is very high, erect penis is always instantaneous, spontaneous and hard wood. But now, your penis is more often like a sausage that lack content, limp and drooping behind your pants. You are confused, how could this happen? You are so pessimistic and frequency of your lovemaking becomes low, you greatly decreased sexual desire, you are confused and trying to treat your sexual desire decreased suddenly it.

If you go to a specialist doctor, chances are you will be told that what you are experiencing is normal changes. Size, spontaneity, and violence between the two erection will change as you age.

“As a teenager 18 years old having sex, then he will be ready to do it again in just a few minutes later. By the time you reach the age of 30 years, you took about 20 minutes to do it again, and when you reach the age of 45 years you have to wait until at least one hour before your penis to get an erection again “, so the doctor said Saul Rosenthal, MD, author of the book Sex Over Forty.

How Treating Sexual Desire The Decline

You may remember when you had sex for the first time with your wife. You will try to repeat it at every opportunity. The time is always not enough, sometimes you have sex in the early morning when just woken up. Various sex positions you try and you continue to do it as if you were never satisfied.

But that was then, slowly your body changes, your sexual desire was not as strong as they used to be. Now you do it once a week and sometimes two or three weeks. “The desire of the male sex will decline after he reached the age of 45 years”, said Helen S. Kaplan, director of the Human Sexuality at New York Hospital.

At least there are some factors that cause decreased sexual desire of men at the age of 45 years and above, namely:

  • Age Factor
  • Stress or depression
  • Addicted to Alcohol
  • Suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart and liver
  • Lack of rest or exercise less
  • Nutrition insufficient daily needs
  • Testosterone Low

Although the above factors can accelerate the process of decreasing arousal and sexual desire, but these factors are rarely experienced by men aged less than 55 years. And generally the problem will get worse when the wife is more excited than the husband. “You will feel weak and old, if your wife’s sexual desire is more fiery than your passion,” says physician Michael Seller of the Phoenix Institute in Chicago.

Testosterone deficiency

Testosterone also called male sex hormones are directly responsible for the sexual desire. This hormone is experiencing its peak when a young age and is indicated by the appearance of secondary traits such as growth of pubic hair and a muscular body. As we get older, hormone production testosterone will decrease, and therefore also be low sexual desire.

If a young age and sexual desire decreases abruptly, it could be a sign of the body’s testosterone deficiency. To overcome doctors usually recommend testosterone replacement therapy and some medications. In addition, you also need to exercise enough, and a regular diet. Some specific foods known to have a high zinc content so that it can increase testosterone levels in the body.

Avoid strong medicine pills and all sorts of plant sexual desire

Do not rush yourself and consume convicted of various brands powerful drugs are sold on the internet. It could be your trivial problems such as lack of sleep or being stressed thinking about a job in the office. Powerful drugs that can arouse sexual desire called basically just going to create dependency and will exacerbate your condition.

Remember, you should only take medicine if doctors prescribe powerful for you. There are many cases where a man of heart disease after taking the drug just before having sex. Instead of getting a high arousal, in the long run you will get one of the problems related to blood flow in the body.
How do I treat decreased sexual desire

Before contacting a doctor for consultation and if necessary get treatment, you can do some of the following things with his wife. In many cases the desire for sex can get back to normal without the need of intensive care physicians.

1. Discuss on good terms.

However your wife is the closest and your sexual partner, she was the first person you should talk to. If your wife wants to have sex three times a week while you just want to three times a month, then invite your wife to reason to reach a compromise. Wife also need to understand the psychological husband as a man. Do not say “you are old” or “why so lackluster”. Questions like that will not help and may even make his self so destroyed, if it is so sexual arousal will be increasingly difficult to rise.

2. Fantasy.

Try to retrain your sexual response. Take your time fantasizing sex a few minutes every day. You can imagine your wife or imagine an artist or even ex-girlfriend that has not been met. Make a note of which one makes you the most excited, and when you’re with the wife, you remember back last delusion and see if your sex drive rise.

Sexual desire arises because of the cooperation of many factors in the body, from the nervous system, hormones and internal health conditions. One of the disturbed system will create a desire for sex outages. Once or twice a low sexual desire may still be normal but if persistently low sex drive means there is something wrong in the body and this is a sign it’s time you should see a doctor to check your health.