Sep 09

Ideas For Lab Coats For Kids

When you think about lab coats, you probably think about nurses and doctors who work in a medical office or hospital. While these are people who typically wear them, there are ideas for kids lab coats as well. If you’re children like to paint or make crafts at home or at school, a lab coat can help to keep the clothing from getting soiled. This makes it easier for children to create works of art without worrying about getting paint on a shirt or the pants, which can make the clothing easier to wash after an art session.


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There might be a time when your child has to stay in the hospital for an extended time. You can get a lab coat that can help make the child feel comfortable as there are some that have Disney characters and coats that have other fun designs. Most scrubs for kids are made with comfortable materials that are soft and allow the child to easily move while in bed or walking along the halls of the hospital. There are coats in all sizes with fun designs for all ages.


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Your child can play pretend while wearing a lab coat. The child can play doctor with friends or even stuffed animals. Add patches on the coat to give a professional look so that your child feels like he’s working in a hospital or lab. The coats can also be worn while pretending to be a mad scientist or a chemist. Set up an area in the home where your child can pretend while wearing the coat as this can spark the imagination and keep him from playing as many video games or watching television.

A lab coat can be turned into a dazzling Halloween costume. It can be made into a zombie doctor with a little blood added to the sleeves or a coat for a scientist with a few accessories that include a stethoscope and a clipboard. Add a pair of glasses and a wig that makes your child look like he has wild hair that has been sizzled from an experiment gone bad to complete the costume.