Sep 07

In Order For The Process Of Breastfeeding Are Comfortable

breast momFor all mothers breastfeed her baby, ever feeding activity is an activity that is done Because It felt the inner bonding with the fruit of the heart strengthens.

However, breastfeeding is not always easy in the beginning. Mother and baby alike need a consistent workout so that activity is Equally pleasant for both. Often a mother up bathed in sweat while trying to breastfeed. If you do not run smoothly, the mother could have given up. It is Necessary for the mother to prepare activities to nurse him since the time of pregnancy, by finding out about miscellaneous of breastfeeding.

Firstly you need to know is how to produce breast milk. Milk given by God to a mother, her baby immediately after birth. Mother brain will secrete prolactin, the hormone that will initiate and maintain milk production.

An important part of the nursing process in the mother’s breast is the areola, the dark area around the nipple. The areola is suppressed by the baby’s mouth while sucking. Baby puffs on the areola is Causing the lactiferous sinuses-grooves on the inside of the areola-will send messages to the brain to produce prolactin.

When a baby sucks, the pulsing lactiferous sinuses. This activates the lactiferous channel, the channel connecting nipple with alveoli items, namely small pockets in the breast, where they keep the milk.

Very short pulses that also functions as a pump that draws milk from the alveoli into the lactiferous down-channel and then to the nipple that acts as a funnel to pour the milk into the baby’s mouth.

BREAST MILK is produced through the stimulus given by the baby’s suction. The more stimulation (increasingly being sucked up) will reproduce the mother’s milk production.

In addition, the position of the suction feeding is also a key nursing process goes smoothly. If the mother and her baby have been “trained” then the next process of breastfeeding seems to take place in a “natural”.

In the book “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer” which Became an international best seller, presented the following tips:

So that the baby can suck well, her lips should be chewing on the perimeter of the nipple and areola. And to get the correct position, a slight cast his neck so that the nose and her Chin touches the mother’s breast. This will help to keep his nose in order to REMAIN free hands while holding the mother’s breast. When the great mother’s breast, place the socks under the breast as breast so that mountings can be a bit raised.

During the first few days, the mother produces milk colostrum, the which is yellow. Colostrum is rich in nutrients that are Sorely needed by the newborn. The mother should give her baby the colostrum that needs nutrients and also her baby immunity are met properly.

Sometimes when the production of breast milk begins many, breast feels full. The baby sucking hard nipples Become until flat. If it happens, there are tips from the book “101 Essential Tips on caring for baby” could be done:

  1. Compressed breast with a cloth dipped in warm water for a few minutes. Splashing the breast or under a shower of warm water.
  2. Breast massage from above towards the nipple to breast milk out a little and not too full.
  3. Hold the base of the breast when you try feeding the baby to a nipple can be slightly protruding forward. Thus Spake the baby could be chewing on the whole areola.

We recommend that you give your baby both breasts alternately at least every 15 minutes. After burping or if the baby is asleep, the mother can eject a nipple in a way slipped one finger in the corner of his mouth so that he stops sucking. After that, replace it in the breast that is next to it. If he’s still hungry he could suck the inventory on both breasts. But don’t worry, it’s not going to be spending mother’s milk stock. Soon after, alternately sucked up all the breast will fill in-stock returns.