Oct 24

Incorrect Information Regarding Sex on the Internet

sex educationDiscussion about sex to this day is still so taboo to discuss in most countries. However, it is not taboo to the internet world. According to data search on Google a lot of people write the keyword ‘ sex ‘ to find information. The word ‘ sex ‘ to implement the order of the top five.

Unfortunately, not all of the discussion about sex on the internet is appropriate. 70 percent of sex on the internet comes from personal experience, not based on scientific evidence. The severity of this writing many believed to evolve into a myth.

So that they cannot get caught up in it, it’s good, we know where the facts and myths

The sound of the key pleasures of sex

The sound of the moaning did make the atmosphere of a bed is getting ‘ hot ‘. Often this increases sensuality and make the bed the more heat in action. However, the lack of sound is not a means for a woman does not enjoy sex, maybe he is the type of woman who is shy or groaning indeed is not his style.

Sex while menstruating is safe

It is a myth. Pregnancy may occur when you and your partner have sex while menstruating, only a very small probability. But if your woman has a menstrual period is shorter this thing to look out for, the chance to get pregnant is very likely to occur. Sperm can live in the body for up to one week. So if you have sex while menstruating and have menstrual cycle is short, then the sperm can still fertilize the egg You are already mature.

Women don’t like porn videos

Men classified as creatures of God are infatuated with porn videos. Then what about the women? Shy and naive nature makes women often hide his penchant for enjoying porn video. So don’t be afraid to invite your lady to watch porn videos before having sex.

Reduced sperm because routine masturbation

The amount of semen that comes out may vary each masturbation. But it does not mean your sperm is reduced, there are 40-50 million sperm in each semen. Although you do masturbation and secrete semen lot or a little, will no sperm in it. So do not worry you’ll run out of sperm.

Interesting Mr. P when ejaculation can prevent pregnancy

A fact that is still not much known by each pair, sperm are male erection. This means that in the semen comes out there is sperm in it, be very careful in this way if you’re avoiding pregnancy. Use condoms to make it more secure.