Oct 25

Junk Food Consumption Increases Risk of Premature Baby Born

junkfoodJunk food should be avoided for anyone, especially the foods rich in fat and salt are not good for health. Also for the children, should avoid the fast food.

But that’s not all, pregnant women are also at risk 50 percent of premature delivery, if you eat junk food on a regular basis. It is based on research conducted by scientists in Australia.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide who examined about 300 women before conception, see the extent of the influence of the fast food of the pregnancy, and the results are quite surprising.

Those who eat foods rich in sugar and fat, are likely to experience preterm birth during pregnancy. While premature births worldwide, accounting for approximately one in 10 pregnancies.

Therefore, it is recommended for women desiring pregnancy goes smoothly or about to have a baby program, reduce or stop eating fast food, including chips, French fries, cakes, biscuits and others who have high levels of fat and sugar.

And encouraged to eat more protein and fruits, so that the fetus in the womb strong.