Dec 03

Just 2 Women’s Problems In Life?

womenIn life, each person must have all their problems. However, there are some major problems that are often faced by women. “There are two major problems that become the biggest scourge in the lives of women, whether related to households and appearance.”

1. Household Conflict

Conflict of households facing couples is a classic problem commonly experienced. Although relatively classic, but the problem is still the main points of the problems faced by women. “Conflict is experienced can be due to many causes. However, whatever the reason, many women are still burdened with this problem. “Existence of marital conflict experienced can make a lot of women become depressed and eventually depression.

2. Body Shape

Many women who feel dissatisfied with their own appearance. “They feel they have a lot of flaws in the many sides of his body, and was not satisfied. It will make them obsessed with plastic surgery so perfect, “he explained. Various attempts to get a perfect body shape and beautiful like a strict diet was willing to do, for the sake of getting praise from many people about her appearance.

Dissatisfaction with body image dissatisfaction is not temporary. This dissatisfaction is usually an accumulation of disappointment with disabilities held for a long time. This dissatisfaction will increase when looking at other women have a more perfect appearance match what you want. Not satisfied with body shape and appearance can make many women feel depressed, low self-esteem, and reduce her confidence.