Jan 20

Kate Middleton Discuss The Importance Of Mental Healthy Spirit

Kate MiddletonThe wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, will work on new activities next month. Kate will be the guest editor of the Huffington Post website in the UK for one day. Topics that will be lifted any time draw, i.e. improve mental health for young children.

The plan is the mother of George and Charlotte is going to invite the great figures who care about mental health issues as quoted by ABC News, Wednesday (01/20/2016). But not yet known who those who will be invited.

Mental health topics for young people, including children, Kate has become a focus in recent years. “The focus of the work of The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) in a few years that is on the mental health,” said a spokesman for Kensington Palace.

Kate also reveals his interest in improving mental health in children in a video footage. “William and I believe that early action could prevent the greater the problem when grand children. There is often a stigma in mental health should be immediately changed, “said Kate in that video.