Sep 24

Keep The Ideal Weight While Pregnant

pregnantAlmost all women who are pregnant have always experienced the added weight. So when a mass of pregnancy, the body so it looks fatter than before pregnancy. There are ways of weight loss remain ideal while pregnant?

Despite the added weight while pregnant is it reasonable, but some pregnant women admitted to feeling uneasy. Moreover, the appearance of the body it is very important to women. In fact, many some of them willingly strict diet after birth.

You don’t need to worry, Dr. r. Bonti Tri h. Shanti, SpOG has several ways that pregnant mothers can do to keep body weight ideally. Well, for those of you who want to stay slim after getting pregnant, here there are some how:

1. Food portions

Most people judging, pregnant women should eat with the portion for two people because it is incorporated in two. In fact, according to Dr. Bonti, that kind of assumption is not true. To meet the nutritional needs of babies in the womb, pregnant women only need to add 300 calories the calorie needs of adult women is normal, i.e. 1800 calories.

It means that your calorie intake in pregnant women is 300 calories + 1800 calories = 2100 calories. With the right amount of food, hence the weight gain of pregnant women was ideal will continue up to give birth later.

2. Food nutritious vegetables

Nutrition in infants needs to be fulfilled, you should eat foods that are nutritious vegetables and nutritious. These meals will normally be more easily processed and absorbed by the body, so you don’t have to worry about losing weight so the ride. Don’t just consume food because it tastes, but you also have to pay attention to his nutritional content.

3. Do sports

According to Dr. Bonti, if pregnant women are already accustomed to working out previously, then continue anyway after his mass during pregnancy. The right exercise for pregnant women is a low-impact exercise, such as walking, swimming or gymnastics pregnancy.

In addition to keeping the weight remains ideal while pregnant, exercise also helps strengthen the body in preparation for the process of giving birth later.

4. Consulting a doctor

To find out a proper diet during pregnancy, you can consult a doctor. This is because each person’s nutritional needs vary. Expected with this consultation you can know the nutritional needs on your body so it does not consume excessive food.

Nevertheless, according to Dr. Bonti, normally a mother’s weight will go down by itself in the first 3 months after delivery. Slow and gradual weight loss will continue to fall up to 6 months after delivery.