Mar 28

Knowing and Understand Shaken Baby Syndrome is Dangerous and Deadly

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Often felt cruel when the little one cry? Then mom throws the baby in the air and swings it firmly, hoping the tears would subside, hoping the winds will subside. Maybe mom feels calm because finally, the little stop crying. Unfortunately, these actions can be dangerous for the health of the little brain and can even cause death. Well, mom should avoid this Yes.

The shocks too hard can lead to Shaken Baby Syndrome are fatal. This syndrome results in injuries to the brain that caused severe damage. Don’t get me wrong, Shaken Baby Syndrome can occur even with just a shock for 5 seconds only. Keep in mind, the baby has the soft brain and neck muscles are weak.

Shaken Baby Syndrome many experienced by infants under 2 years of age but can also occur in infants in age 5 years. Even many cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome if it records a lot happens on the baby 6-8 week when she was like crying.

Babies who are having Shaken Baby Syndrome becomes easy cranky, often vomiting, not feel hungry, the heartbeat slows down and hard of hearing. These symptoms can occur in the baby who suffered injuries with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

How To Cope With The Shaken Baby Syndrome?

When the babies are having Shaken Baby Syndrome, mom can do a variety of ways such as the American Red Cross recommended below.

Be careful with the little one back. If he suffered a back injury should lay your little one with caution.

If the baby is 1 year old, install two fingers in the center of the sternum. If the little one over the age of 1 year, put one hand in the center of the sternum. Place the other hand on the infant’s forehead so that the head is not sloping to the rear. Do not tilt the child’s head, and open his mouth by pulling the jaws.

Check your child’s breath after providing compression. If there are no signs of breathing, perform artificial breath by covering the mouth and nose with your mouth baby. Make sure that the airway is open and then give two full breaths.

Well, Shaken Baby Syndrome in addition to causing death but can also cause blindness, difficulty in learning and influence the emotions of a child in the future. So, from now on be wise when controlling emotions, stay calm, mom. Hopefully, this information is useful.