May 18

Knowing the Benefits of Leek for Health

LeekLeafy vegetables this one has been used from ancient times to improve health, especially to cope with symptoms of fever. Leek usually only used as a cooking spice or garnish on a dish. Yet behind the simple shapes hidden benefits for health.

Benefits of eating leek:

Rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is usually identified with citrus fruit. But many do not realize that leeks are also rich in this vitamin. Washington State University notes that 3.5 ounces leeks contain 30% of the daily requirement of vitamin C per day is recommended. Getting vitamin C through food is very important, because the body can not produce or store. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that may help protect the body from pollutants and toxins, play a role in the healing process of the body, and contributes to the maintenance of skin, bones, nails and teeth.

High Folate

High folic acid content in leeks can help lower homocysteine levels in the body. According to research conducted by Oregon State University, high levels of homocysteine in the body is directly proportional to the likelihood of someone having a heart attack. The more folate is consumed, the less homocysteine which is produced by the body. Eat leeks regularly to reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition to maintaining good health of the cardiovascular system, the high content of folate in the leeks is also perceived benefits for the mother who is pregnant. Folic acid plays an important role in order to avoid the possibility of birth defects of the fetus, especially in early pregnancy.

Nice for Bone and Blood

The Leek is also rich in vitamin K, which can help blood circulation. Consuming enough vitamin K can also activate osteocalcin, a protein important for bone health. A cup of leeks containing 42 micrograms of vitamin K, which is 47% of the recommended daily intake for women and 34% for men.

Lose Weight

The Leek is good for weight loss programs because of high dietary fiber but low calorie content. The good effect, you will feel full longer, without excessive calories. Moreover, fiber also helps increase metabolism.

Put the leeks into the daily menu to get a good benefit.