Jul 18

Lower Cholesterol With Tomatoes

tomatoTomatoes have long been known as a complementary range of delicious dishes. Not only that, the fruit flavor enhancer often processed into pasta and pizza toppings also have important benefits for health.

Recent studies prove, the intake of tomatoes that have been processed on a regular basis can cut cholesterol levels. Scientists say, tomato Cookbook has the same efficacy with Statins, medications that are commonly used to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Tomatoes can be an alternative source to address conditions that can lead to heart problems. Intake two ounces of tomato paste or a pint of tomato juice a day serve as the patient’s cholesterol controllers.

The secret lies in the level of the compound that gives red color Likopen on tomato fruit. These compounds contain high antioxidant that helps lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

To obtain the best benefits, eating a tomato that has been cooked. The body will absorb Likopen in ripe tomatoes better than raw tomatoes.

Australia experts analyze the results from 14 international studies on the benefits of likopen for 55 years. They concluded, tomatoes could provide a natural defence to lower ‘ bad cholesterol ‘ in the blood. The effect is comparable to small doses of statins.

According to study author Dr. Karin Ried, from The University of Adelaide, a pint of tomato juice or tomato paste 50 g a day ‘ will provide protection against heart disease ‘.

“I recommend the tomato paste. The food is rich and very easy likopen gained in daily food like pasta and juices. ”

The study, published in the journal of Maturity also mentions another source of likopen. Likopen is found in watermelon, guava, papaya, oranges, apricots and rosehip but in lower concentrations.