Oct 16

Making Love in the Morning Able to Increase Memory

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Making love in the morning proved to be a very important benefit. Intimacy with a partner in the morning triggers the development of the brain becomes more leverage.

Launched from the pages Dailystar, sex is a moment that gives benefits to the physical and psychic. Moreover, making love in the morning, provide more meaningful benefits without being noticed by the crowd.

Unconsciously, making love early in the day when they wake up, indicating they have a smarter brain. Researchers from Oxford and Coventry universities find, making love in the morning provides benefits to improve memory, language skills, and vigilance.

Do not stop there, sex also plays a role in preventing the presence of heart problems in men. Researchers from the American Journal of Cardiology found that men who make love twice a week, 45 percent lower have heart problems.

In addition, sex has an effect on the prevention of prostate cancer. The National Cancer Institute found that 30,000 middle-aged men, with an average of five ejaculations a week, were 33 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Another little-known benefit, that sex can lose weight. Making love triggers the production of phenethylamine in the body, which regularly decreases appetite.