Jul 20

Many Benefits Of Wasabi Reversed It’s “Bite”

wasabiFor you who likes to eat sushi and sashimi, Japan’s culinary enthusiasts as you certainly are no longer strangers to Wasabi. Yes, “Chili” Salmo Sakura Country is known for its spicy taste sensation that “bite” and unique. Spicy on the nose and bite to the head, which gives a different sensation when eating wasabi compared to when you consume most kinds of other regular chili taste the spiciness of hot lips impressed, mouth, throat, and feeling the heat in the stomach.

Wasabi (green) and sushi

Turns out it was behind the “bite” has its own benefits, wasabi ! Wasabi green and shaped pasta typically contains substance Allyl isothiocyanate, which are useful for the antimicrobial inhibits the growth of bacteria. This makes it suitable to be consumed with wasabi raw foods such as sushi and sashimi. Since substances contained in wasabi are what will help neutralize the deadly bacteria-as well as harmful bacteria commonly contained in raw cuisine that has not been cooked or heated at a specific temperature has yet to shut down the bacteria contained in it. Then it is worth, you are applying a little wasabi when consuming raw dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

The few who actually knew that wasabi is a type of vegetation a type of radish or cabbage that grows in the Highlands with a low temperature. While the commonly utilized for processed into the usual wasabi we consume is a root shaped like a turnip.

Some of the benefits of wasabi root were already well known by the general public, among others, can enable the antioxidants in the body and also increases the durability of the body, so that our bodies are not susceptible to bacteria.

Wasabi root can also activate an enzyme which is beneficial for phase Detox process expenses or toxins from the body so that it can ward off food poisoning caused by microbes and also cleans the liver organ by way of helping the formation of bile fluid.

Not only that, the wasabi is also beneficial for digestion and can protect from various types of cancers such as stomach cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer, as well as treating toothache by reducing the growth of bacteria that cause cavities.

In general, wasabi can be deadly bacteria, stopping the growth of bacteria, thereby indirectly reduces the bad bacteria in our bodies, it’s what makes wasabi becomes useful and good for the health of the body and can neutralize our bodies from food poisoning caused by bacteria.

The use of wasabi is not just consumed with raw fish, but can also be in the DAB directly on the skin. In addition to the health of the body and body durability, wasabi is also used for skin health. Because of the wasabi can activate antioxidants, the wasabi is believed to be able to protect and treat the skin from free radicals. This makes many of the skin care industry began mixing wasabi into beauty products that they manufacture. As for the facial and body treatments.

In its home country, the wasabi is used for health in body and skin health and beauty. Wasabi is very popular and consumed daily as a flavor enhancer in their daily diet, they even use wasabi as a snack even taste the ice cream!