Nov 30

Medical Practice The Craziest Is Ever Used

cocaine_syrupThe drugs we consume when ill are now certainly more modern times how the 18th century or 19th medical practitioner would cut in half the tongue to cure stuttering. Maybe the way it is now considered absurd, but not necessarily old.

Site Huffingtonpost Australia, Sunday, 29/11/2015, collecting some of the most insane medical practices that have been used:

1. Cocaine cough syrup for children

German drug company, Bayer, which is commercializing aspirin, ever sold heroin as a medicine, namely for regular cough and fever.

The Drugs were available from the late 1890s and marketed for children until 1912.

Ironically, one of the first reason is the heroine was developed as a non-addictive morphine substitute. Unfortunately, it turns heroin cough was worse than its predecessor. Finally, Bayer stopped making heroin in 1913.

2. The Rat to treat warts

The disgusting rodent rat was once considered to be a drug.

Ancient Egyptians thought toothache can be cured with a kind of ‘dead rat paste’ mixed herbs and other ingredients. While in the UK, half-dead mice are used to treat warts.

3. Awl ice for a lobotomy to the brain

Lobotomy was once very popular in America, with an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 – conducted during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Psychiatric lobotomies performed originally Water Freeman method known ten minutes’ ice pick “lobotomy.

Lobotomy is a procedure that is performed by inserting a medical device into the eye socket to cut the nerves in the front of the brain. Lobotomy typically used to treat mental illness, with the idea of ​​removing ‘excessive emotion’ through cutting certain nerves in the brain can be cured.

The patient is made unconscious by an electric shock before Freeman performs a lobotomy procedure. But the practice was declining popularity after the anti-psychotic drug available.

4. Genital massage to treat female hysteria

Vibrator actually developed as a drug. Women in the 19th century, is believed to have no sex drive and have to pretty much have sex to please their partners.

This means there are many female sexual frustration going on around – but doctors refer to this condition as ‘hysteria’.

Then the local midwife or medical practitioner eventually performs genital massage to produce orgasms and succeed.

Vibrators were created so that the doctor can be a break from all the massages to make a woman orgasm.

5. Bloodletting with leeches

The bloodshed has been around since Egyptian times, but reached the peak of its popularity in Europe in the 19th century.

This practice by eliminating excess blood of patients.

Basically, the practice evolved since the human body is believed to contain elements of air, water, earth and fire in the form of a liquid (blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile.)

According to this theory, one reason patients show signs of the disease are caused by elements that are not balanced. Enough medicine to reduce blood.

This can be done by cutting the veins and draining a patient’s blood or using leeches.

The use of leeches in Europe reached its peak between 1830 and 1850, then unpopular again, although sometimes treatment in the west still use it to help heal skin grafts and restore blood circulation, or to dispose of solid blood from the wound.

6. Cocaine in the eye

Cocaine is usually more associated with the nose, but it was originally used to help the eye surgery.

In 1884 Austrian ophthalmologist Karl Koller found the lethal drug network properties and will use a few drops of cocaine as a local anaesthetic before surgery. It is considered very effective, other doctors began to use it as an anaesthetic for the procedure of the throat and nose.

7. Testes goat to treat impotence

The use in the treatment of testicular goat thanks to a known John R. Brinkley. He is actually not a doctor. He bought his diploma degree for $ 500

In the early 1900s, Brinkley became one of the richest doctors in America, after claiming he can cure impotence, infertility and other sexual problems with surgically implanting goat testicles into the scrotum men. As a result, he earned the nickname of ‘Goat Gland Doctor’.

But the procedure performed very dangerous. Goat testicle incision rot and gangrene caused the deaths of several hundred patients.