Jun 13

Movement Yoga For Healthy Heart

healthy heartHeart disease is a disease that does not only affect adults or the elderly, but also a teenager who was aged under 20 years. Heart, as a piece of meat that blood flow to all organs of the body has a vital role to one’s health. To maintain a healthy heart, usually someone doing regular exercise, from mild or severe. But overdo it also appeared to be brought to someone’s death.

To maintain heart health with optimal heart health, without having to burden him with heavy exercise, one yoga therapy is recommended. Gymnastics affecting emotional intelligence and self-control is believed to have movement or pose that can help the heart to work optimally. One type is Bikram yoga is done in a closed room and high temperature (usually between 35 to 40 degrees). But some people think that bikram yoga is dangerous for heart patients.

To be safe, do other yoga movements that can be used as a therapy for heart health. Yoga can lower blood pressure. One cause of heart attacks is high blood pressure. Not surprisingly for those who suffer from hypertension prone to heart problems. In addition, yoga can also cope with palpitations, feeling the mental condition of discomfort due to unstable heartbeat. Prioritizing yoga breathing can make the body relax and make the heart beat more regularly again.

Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety and can improve body balance. It is therapeutic for heart health are free and can be done by anyone. With the poses are so varied, you can choose a light movement and does not require special attention from the instructor so that it can help to strengthen the heart function.