Mar 17

Muscular But Still Lively

muscularHow to keep muscle building program remains in progress, but agility in various types of sports games boost? You only need to invest 5-10 minutes of your heating time 10-15. If done regularly, 2-3 times a week, you can already feel the results within four weeks.

As a first step, we gave six examples of agility exercises that you can use. You can choose one of them or combine some exercises there.

  1. Cone Slalom. Arrange 6-8 load plate, dumbbell, or other small objects in a straight line formation at a distance of 0.5 meters respectively. Then run as fast as possible across the gaps marking those you create in zigzag from the starting point to the end point. Repeat back to the starting point by running backward in a zigzag.
  2. Speed ​​Carioca. Stand with your knees slightly bent and arms hanging straight on the outer side of the body. Cross your left foot in front of the right foot to push the body to the right. Stepping to the right with your right leg and place your left foot behind him. Rotate your hips as you move, but keep our eyes fixed to the front. Use your hands as guardians of balance as you move. Continue the cross to this side as soon as possible from a distance of 3-5 meters, then repeat on the left side of the body part.
  3. Ladder Run. If at the gym have no ladder, place a marker on the floor with a distance of one foot each. Stepping aside quickly by placing one foot in each box. Perform this movement to the right, then to the left. Add variety with a high knee lift or keep your body in a low position. You also can do this without a ladder, just imagine the object was below you.
  4. Backpedal. Running back and forth quickly. Keep your eyes fixed leads to the front and sure to maintain a slightly bent knee and hips. Try to use short steps performed and do this quickly. Do the fleeing alternately to sprint ahead: Sprint so far 3-5meter, then ran back to back to the starting point.
  5. Side Shuffle. Perform a boost with the left foot to catapult your body to the right. After the right foot landed, immediately stepped to the right quickly using the power boost left foot. Continue this movement in the track circuit along 3-5 meters. Then reverse direction and use the power boost right leg to catapult your body to the left.
  6. Hexagon Jump. This exercise works for plyometric and agility. Set a bookmark in a hexagon formation (equilateral hexagons) and stand in the middle. Jump laterally across each of the bookmarks you create and back to the middle of the hexagons as fast as possible. Skip all the bookmarks you create by forming a circle formation. Jump across the marker up to 3 times. Now jump to the opposite direction by the same rules.

Tuck the agility drills in the warm-up session also helps you improve the average heart rate and makes the body work in different directions before reaching the main exercise phase. This agility exercise also can you put into your cardio training sessions to increase the intensity. Happy practicing!