Oct 07

Natural Beauty Skin Care Tips

In beauty, skin care is also important so that the skin always looks healthy and soft. Here is the skin care tips by using natural ingredients:benefits of lemon

1. Cucumber

Here’s how:

Grate the cucumber with a medium-size, and add 10 drops of lemon water. Then apply the cucumber mixture to all parts of the body, allow more or less for 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water.


Cucumbers can refresh and moisturize the skin because the cucumber has a lot of water content therein. Also in the cucumber contains Niacin is beneficial to whiten skin naturally

2. Coconut water

Here’s how:

Apply coconut water fresh at all over the skin of the body. Should be done every 2 weeks.


In the coconut water contained a lot of Vitamin C and amino acids that can nourish and brighten skin naturally

3. Olive oil

Here’s how:

Wearing olive oil is actually a very easy way, just by applying olive oil regularly on the skin which is dry every day.


The olive oil itself is beneficial in smoothing the skin of your body.

4. Use Supplements

There many skin beauty products on the internet you can find , but we recommend using supplements for proven skin improved.