Mar 01

Overcoming Sperm Allergies

spermAll efforts have been tried, not just sexual intercourse on a regular basis in the fertile period. But also fertility through laboratory examination. The result? You still not getting pregnant.

No need to worry, there are other measures that you need to consider to try, ie check your blood antibody titer. The goal is to find out if your body forms antibodies against the husband’s sperm (sperm allergy) or not.

Why was there a sperm allergy?

Naturally immune human would respond to foreign substances (antigens) that enter. This condition is referred to as allergies. One of the bodies was rejected antigen polysaccharide contained in the sperm. So sperm allergies occur because the immune system (antibodies) exposure to sperm antigens that the body automatically produces antibodies against sperm.

This condition causes the sperm is considered a foreign body, and refused to fertilize the egg. This process does not allow conception to occur.


In order for pregnancy, allergy to sperm need to be addressed. One way to reduce the quantity of relationships or using condoms. The goal is that the vagina is not exposed to sperm every time you have sex. So that stimulation of antibody formation is avoided. So as expected antibodies decreased.

In addition to using condoms, medical therapy to do is:

Steroid therapy

How to suppress antibody with drugs. This therapy can be done with oral therapy, taking tablets or injections.

Washing sperm for insemination therapy

This therapy is done when sperm quality is not good. The way the husband’s sperm will be accommodated, and washing in the laboratory. After that, a good sperm is inserted into the uterus, so that the sperm will find your own egg cells.

Reproductive technology

Ways in which the sperm is injected directly on the egg. Egg cell taken with laparoscopic wife, then the husband’s sperm cells moving / living, directly inserted into the egg cells in the laboratory. After the egg is fertilized sperm is injected into the uterus.