Nov 01

Protein Rich Diet Has Risks As The Danger Of Smoking

proteinEating too much protein, such as beef, eggs, chicken, or fish in a day, will endanger your life. Especially if you apply it when you’re on a diet, especially for those in middle age between 40-50 years.

In the past 20 years, researchers saw that the four servings of protein-rich meal more a day, increases the risk of dying from cancer than those who do not do this diet.

Many ways to consume diets that are maximally proteins, such as the Atkins diet in the United States that are currently popular.

The meat itself was not fully contained protein, in each 300 grams of steak, protein content of only 77 grams. Imagine, the rest of the rest of the weight is fat and other substances that are not needed by the body.

While the body needs the protein is 0.8 grams, or every 60 pounds of body weight, we only need about 45-50 meat protein every day.

“In research suggests that in middle age, low-protein diet is useful for preventing cancer and sudden death,” said Dr. Eileen Crimmins.

Experts in the UK agreed that, reducing red meat has been shown to decrease the risk of cancer, but a balanced diet is still the best option.