Oct 15

Raspberry Consumption Powerful Increases Passion Sex

RaspberryBerry fruit group proved to have powerful properties to prevent and treat many diseases. One of them is black Korean raspberry that prevents premature aging to improve performance in bed.

This Korean black raspberry contains anthocyanins, phenolic acids, flavonoids, stilbenes or resveratrol, lignans, tannins and vitamins E, C and A. Korean black raspberry fruit is known to have used the community there to increase stamina for men and women.

A recent study by a Herbal Medicine researcher on black raspberry fruit has been conducted. The results show that the fruit can increase the sexual stamina of husband and wife.

It is known for monitoring the blood oxygen levels, the stability of the pulse and blood pressure stability in married couples who are participants of the study.

The study was conducted on healthy couples who have not been blessed with children. This study is only a benefits test, with the respondents as many as five couples. This healthy childless couple is given Korean black raspberry fruit three times a day for 10 days.

“After 10 days of consuming black raspberries, there was an increase in oxygen levels, improved pulse stability, improved blood pressure stability in all respondents, and improved menstrual cycles into normal cycles for all female respondents.”

Correspondingly, the professor at the Chosun University medical school in Gwangju, Korea, Lim Dong-Yoon confirmed the good content of the fruit on the performance of sex. With the high content of antioxidants, eating this fruit has an effect on increasing libido.

“Proven to increase libido, suppress cancer, reduce blood sugar levels and prevent high blood pressure,” Lim said.