Dec 31

Recognize The Signs Of The Lymph Nodes Cancer

Lymph Nodes Cancer signLike blood cancer or leukaemia, lymphoma is the most common type of cancer 6 found. Globocan date 2012 noted, every 90 seconds, there are 400,000 people a year suffer from this disease.

A cancer expert From the Division of Hematology and medical oncology in the Department of Pathology at the Cipto Mangunkusumo HOSPITAL MEDICINE, Dr. Dr. SpPD, 23-11inc Rachman, said KHOM, lymphoma is a type of cancer that comes from cells called lymphocytes (white blood cells) that is one part of the immune system.

“Most cancers of the lymph nodes develop when there is a change or mutation in the lymphocytes so that cells proliferate faster and live longer than normal lymphocytes”, he said the aim of the world wide Lymphoma Day Commemoration in Jakarta.

The problem, according to the 23-11inc, lymphoma spreads through the bloodstream and lymphatic system so that it can grow in the spleen, bone marrow and the most common organ such as the neck to the shoulder


For that, there are some symptoms that need to be controlled, such as:

1. Swelling of the lymph nodes that are not such a pain in the neck, armpits, or groin

2. Weight loss without any obvious reason

3. Fever with no obvious cause

4. Sweating at night

5. Coughing, difficult breathing, and pain in the chest or shortness of breath

6. Weak and exhausted

7. Pain, swelling or taste full on belly