Nov 27

Saturated Fat Making Ability Down Memory Brain

oilA recent study revealed that eating saturated fat can affect the brain’s memory capabilities, especially in men, such as reported by the Fox News on Saturday (22/11/2014).

These findings add a list of illnesses associated with consumption of saturated fat. During these saturated fats have often been associated with an increased risk of heart disease and obesity.

The study was performed on 1000 healthy people. 700 of them are men with the age of 20 years. In the study, found that people often consume saturated fat is bad in terms of memory tests.

“Saturated fat is most strongly associated with poor memory in young middle-aged man,” said Beatrice a. Golomb, Professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego as the head of research.

Test the memory itself is done by means of the test card. The participants were asked to recall the words contained on the card and then researched how many words they remember.

In the study, participants were also asked to fill in a questionnaire their dietary habits, and researchers estimate how much saturated fat that is consumed.

The researchers found that every gram of extract of saturated fat consumed per day was associated with fewer words 0.76 to remember. They are the most widely consumed saturated fats remember 11 fewer words than those who ate the least amount of saturated fat.

Saturated fat that contributes to cerebral memory is found in foods such as fast food, cream, cheese, butter, lard and fat stick to the meat.