Aug 17

Seamlessly face like a baby with 5 Ingredients Homes

Green tea may help reduce cholesterol and help you lose weight we also suitable as material for body scrubs make skin look like a baby. Not only tea, coffee and chocolate powder also have the same benefits as green tea.

Facial scrubs capable of removing the dead cells from the skin and improve skin quality itself. Facial scrubs also open the pores to remove blackheads.

Quoted from the site Boldsky on Wednesday (07/15/2015), there are five ingredients, natural facial scrubs that can make the face look more fresh. The materials were also able to eliminate all the dirt is trapped and oils from the skin. In addition, natural materials can also prevent the growth of acne.

Here are other ingredients that can be used as facial scrubs that make the face look fresh;

1. Coffee beans


Grind some coffee beans into coarse particles and then mix it with olive oil and honey, and apply it to the face is one simple way to prevent the appearance of acne.

2. Chocolate


Melt some chocolate bars, almond oil and mix a little sugar. Scrubs use a mixture of these materials helps preserve our skin and will make it seem natural radiance.

3. Green tea

green tea

Green tea mixture is allowed to cool and then mixed with honey can make the skin glow naturally.

4. Blueberry


Grow some blueberry seeds and mix a little lemon juice and brown sugar. Rub gently on the face, with a circular motion, then let stand wash with warm water. Feel the benefits.

5. Almonds


Grind several almonds and mix with olive oil also can make a face so smooth.