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Signs and The Symptoms Child Internet Addiction

Child Internet AddictionIt has become a common thing that a lot of teenage kids are very fond of the internet and video games – because both are intertwined. For adolescents, anything that related technologies, be it for a means of entertainment, or to always connect with friends can be a very serious behavior disorders. Internet addiction in teens is much larger than just a desire to get online. Same is the case with other behavioral disorders, internet addiction is characterized by progressive loss of control over their ability to avoid it, organize, or limit. In this case, the intended behavior was to spend more time on the Internet.

This is not a trivial problem, and already many experts have recognized that internet addiction in teens is a real problem that is worth to do advanced studies.

The Cause Of Internet Addiction

As with other compulsive behavior disorders, there is one of the causes have been identified as the cause of internet addiction. Internet addiction is considered more common among older teens who are struggling for issues such as depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, trust and a sense of inferiority.

The possibility of addiction will be greater in children who liked the game MMORPG, because these types of games would never end. New challenges, new adventures-adventure or will be continually added in the game – so the user will never reach the point of completion or mastery of the game.

Although the Internet and gaming aren’t addictive substances in foods that create addiction, it can trigger the release of endorphins (chemicals in the brain associated with pleasure). It is the same in the brain of the person who is addicted to alcohol and other addictions, or equal to the other behavior disorders namely gamble. And for older children who are struggling to cope with mental health problems, such as having difficulties in socializing or community, online games can be very interesting.

Symptoms Of Internet Addiction:
  1. Core elements of internet addiction are similar to other types of addiction or compulsion. They are more likely to experience such as on the following criteria:
  2. Desperately need to play more and more to be able to experience something similar.
  3. Obsessed – Spent most of his time to think about the future and then experience online, and plan to get the online experience in the future.
  4. Experience the frustration, anxiety, and irritability when not get online.
  5. Tend to choose leaving friends and a penchant for others to focus on online activities.
  6. Even continued to spend time online after getting a negative impact, such as problems in schools, interlacing the cracked, and even health problems.
Here is one particular sign that could indicate the presence of teenage internet addiction:
  1. Most hours outside of school were spent in front of a computer or game play.
  2. Like falling asleep at school.
  3. Often neglected task.
  4. The value plummets.
  5. Boldly lied about the use of a computer or video game.
  6. Choosing the leading computer than meets their friends.
  7. Quit from a social activity or another, such as organizations or sports clubs, etc.
  8. Will be easily upset if there can be the opportunity of playing a video game or on the computer.
Physical symptoms :
  1. Experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or associated with repetitive motion, such as excessive hand twitch as if playing a computer keyboard.
  2. Sleep disorders or Insomnia.
  3. Experiencing malnutrition, as they often forget to eat when online.
  4. Cleanliness is bad, because it will only focus on online activities.
  5. Headache, back pain, and neck pain, due to sit and focus for many hours every day
  6. Vision problems, generally dry eye.

In essence, these physical health problems associated with excessive activity in front of the computer so completely unable to manage his time well.


Determine treatment for adolescents who are addicted to the Internet depends on a variety of factors, including age, the nature and severity of the behavior. Some children can give a good response to outpatient therapy, such as counseling or therapy. While others may be better to follow the course of therapy. What is clear, tempered by a parent to them is not the solution, so if you find this problem on your teenager, should consult a mental health professional to get the best treatment.