Aug 22

Six Drinks That Make You Relax

healthy drinkRemove the stress and tension you in a positive way, one is to drink. Does that mean you will get drunk and unconscious? Oh no, not the drink that we purpose. However, this drink tastes delicious and is made from a variety of fruits that give the effect of relaxation, providing vitamins and refreshing.

What are some drinks that?





Longan IceLand

Longan IceLandThe freshness of the drink is not only derived from ice shavings only. However, especially the fruit of longan (longan), lychee and rambutan. Longan and lychee rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, protein and various other nutrients. Meanwhile, rambutan, its vitamin C content was even higher than oranges. In 100 grams of rambutan contained 58 mg of vitamin C.

Vitamin C facilitate the course of oxygen in the body and becomes one of the things that are important in the body’s stamina and immune. In general, when the intake of vitamin C in the body is enough, we do not easily tired and thinking more easily.


Recipe Longan IceLand, see here


Mango Ice MilkySoda


Mango Ice MilkySodaMango contains vitamins A, C and B complex and minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. Sweetened condensed milk white to be one of the ingredients in this ice becomes one of the ingredients that make us so much quieter. Surely you remember the efficacy of white milk at night instead?

Recipe Mango Ice MilkySoda, see here




Strawberry pudding


Strawberry puddingStrawberry combined with yogurt, wow, who truly healthful and refreshing. Still rely on vitamin C, to give the body its own coolness, Strawberry pudding also change the look and feel of the heart with its delicious taste. Maybe you are sad and disappointed, a lot of thought, but if you enjoy every spoon strawberry pudding at least you will feel the serenity of its own. After that you can think more clearly is not?

Strawberry Pudding recipe, see here



Apple Cinnamon Tea

Apple Cinnamon TeaClearly, the tea beverage is a mainstay of the women, both enjoyed warm or cold. But with a plus cinnamon and apples are added, wow this drink you will feel more special than usual. Serenity and a sense of relaxation that you seemed to enjoy double. Especially if you choose to add honey instead of sugar, hmmm the smell alone makes you a little smile and muscles become tense subside.

Recipe Cinnamon Apple Tea, see here


Strawberry Delight

Strawberry DelightYou may not like to hear these two materials mixed together, but when you enjoy the deliciousness you will change your mind. Sweet blend between strawberry, banana and lime, hmmm … the freshness of its own in the early morning as your activity. In addition to nourishing, strawberry delight will also inject spirit and tremendous energy to you. The good news, this drink is also included as one of the diet you know.

Recipe Strawberry Delight, see here




Strawberry Lychee Fruit Cocktails


Strawberry Lychee Fruit CocktailsThe material is composed of a strawberry, lychee, but this time added a little soda. Yes indeed drink is not recommended for those on a diet, but you realize there is a different sensation when soda flavors play over your tongue. When it gets into your body, there is little sense of relaxation and lighter body. Not because of alcohol, but the sensation of soda that is contained in the drink is exactly what makes it so.

Recipe Strawberry Lychee Fruit Cocktails, see here



How, where the first drink recipes you want to try? Pas know to accompany you throughout the working day.