Jan 12

Sleep Tips For School Children

sleeping childIt’s hard enough for a child to sleep on time to avoid drowsiness while studying at the school. If it used to be just by putting the book and then rose to the top of the bed can already asleep, now stymied gadgets that can be played before bed.

Lack of sleep causes a dull skin, hair loss, hormonal imbalances, and other problems. School children who lack of sleep will be difficult to concentrate while studying in class. Enough only with lethal gadgets before bedtime?

The following tips for school children sleep soundly as quoted from the website of the Times of India, Friday (8/1/2016)

1. Consistent with the daily sleep time

Try to disable all gadgets, turn off the lights, and then tried to sleep in the same house every night. It is indeed difficult, but gradually will get used by itself.

2. Comfortable room

Create a cool and calming environment. Make it a feel of dark or Dim, wear earplugs, or anything that can make the child comfortable.

3. Bed linen and pillows, comfortable

Sleep with the pillow create a nice head and not make the neck pain. Do not forget to replace the bedspread three days.

4. Do not watch horror movies

Don’t watch movies that can interfere with your visual, like a horror movie.

5. Regular exercise

Regular exercise helps kids sleep better. Try the exercises 3 to 4 hours before bed.