Apr 18

The 6 Benefits Of Coffee For Health

coffeeCoffee has a long history in terms of resulting in a wide range of ailments, ranging from human growth slows to cause heart disease and cancer. But some recent research suggests that coffee is not that bad. In addition to rewarding to drive sleepy, it turns out the coffee also has some benefits for health.

1. Just Myth

Studies have found that there is no correlation between coffee and cancer or heart disease, even some research reveals that the coffee including protection against heart disease and cancer.

This assumption appears is actually due to the typical coffee drinkers. Coffee drinkers, particularly the heavyweights, are likely to be a smoker and a bit of doing physical activity, specifically sports. This type of coffee drinkers who are vulnerable to the dangers of heart disease and cancer.

2. Number one Antioxidants

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Scranton, and later published by the American Chemical Society, the Association of the world’s largest scientific society, 2005 stating “that steaming cup of Java is also the number one source of antioxidants in the US.”

Although fruits and vegetables are generally promoted as a source of antioxidants that are recommended, but the popularity of coffee flavors and defeat the fruits and vegetables as the number one source of antioxidants for most American society. The study also added a second version of the non-caffeine and caffeine provide the same levels of antioxidants.

3. The fight against Parkinson’s

There is some previous research suggesting that caffeine can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson ‘s. And a study published in 2012 by the American Academy of Neurology added that caffeine could help the movement symptoms in people who already suffer from Parkinson ‘s.

Research shows that caffeine is able to block the signals of the brain that are damaged in people with Parkinson ‘s. The researchers said, although caffeine cannot be included in the category tool treatment for patients with Parkinson ‘s, but the caffeine can be a consideration with neurologist Parkinson sufferers as one of the tools of treatment.

4. Good for the liver

The study, published in 2006, with research subjects aged over 22 years, suggesting that at least a cup of coffee per day could prevent 20% development of cirrhosis of the liver — diseases of the immune system due to excessive alcohol consumption causes liver failure and cancer.