Jan 09

The Benefits And Efficacy Of Eggplant To Keep The Heart And Brain Function

eggplantVegetable Eggplant has a nutrient content such as niacin, riboflavin, folic, tianin, nasunin, and vitamins E and k. Because it has nutrients like this Eggplant has benefits and benefits of natural health for your body. Eggplants are not just for the health of the body only, the Eggplant can also be used to create masks cosmetician.

Make the protection Benefits the human brain Eggplants have benefits and benefits to make natural protection of right brain and left brain of yours. Eggplant can transmit messages from one brain to another brain. About that too, which can make your brain is so healthy and getting smart.

Nourish Your Heart

Heart disease, i.e. a logical thing for each man. But, each disease certainly has his own medicine. Especially the heart, the heart also has a natural remedy to treat heart disease. An Exception can be recovered from the drug, heart disease can recover from vegetable eggplant. Eggplant can lower high cholesterol in the body and stabilize blood pressure levels through immediate steps will have an influence on the decrease chances of heart disease.

Lower body weight

Based on some research had Eggplant moisture content high enough good for the heart and control the calories in the blood. In addition, the Eggplant is ideal as a healthy food for people who want to lower the weight of the body.

As the source of Anti Virus and Anti bacterial

The Eggplants have the amount of vitamin C is good for the body. In addition, the eggplants have anti virus and anti bacterial enough efficient to fight the disease. If the jelly more in content of 82 gr Eggplant consists of 4, 5% 11% fiber, folate 5, 4%, 63, 5% vitamin B 10% molybdenum, manganese, copper, 5% 3, 5, 3% potassium, 3, 5% vitamin K, 3, 1% tryptophan, vitamin C and 2-3%, 8% magnesium.

Good for Digestion Eggplant i.e. one of the vegetables that have a natural fiber, which can make the protection digestive tract in your body. In fact, regular consumption of Eggplant can make your protection from all diseases, especially diseases of colon cancer.