Aug 15

The Benefits of Mint Leaf, Reduce Abdominal Pain And To Prevent Cancer

pepermintAlthough it has been consumed for hundreds of years, not many people know the health benefits of a mint plant. Whereas in developed countries, this plant is often used as a food ingredient either just freshen the mouth or prevent a number of diseases.

As the page loaded Prevention, Friday (07/24/2015), a study conducted in 2012 found that mint leaves can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and liver cancer because Peryllyl compounds, carotenoids and Retinoids are contained in the mint leaves.

Other compounds such as Rosmarinic acid can counteract free radicals and reduce inflammation and reduce allergy symptoms. Laboratory tests also showed that peppermint oil may increase the effectiveness of the drug.

In everyday life, mint can relieve digestive problems, soothing cramps and flatulence, especially in people with irritable bowel syndrome.

“Mint is the best crop you can consume and combine them to get health benefits,” said the author of Backyard Pharmacy, Ellizabeth Millard.

In the spring, he said, planted in the house can add value to the health of the family. Place the mint with the right that is quite exposed to sunlight.