Apr 20

The potent Herbal Tea Benefits For Health

Herbal TeaDrinking tea may already be a part of our life. Even the habit of drinking tea has been already a routine activity almost everyone. Even in Japan, tea drinking has become a ritual of its own.

In addition to black tea, red tea, green tea and our usual drinking, there is another herbal tea, which is often in the consumption for health and beauty. Herbal tea is also the recommendation of the experts of traditional medicine and alternative because it is believed to be able to cope with the disease.

1. Imitate Tea

As new innovations in the use of herbs as an alternative treatment, herbal tea ever took up the leaves. According to the explanation of Dr. Santi Hoesodo MSc, Director Corporate Secretary & Some Media Health & Harmony Husada Partners aligned, herbal tea is a blend of tea plant (Camellia sinensis) with a mixture of certain herbal ingredients. The combination was believed to be beneficial to health, and its shape is a mixture of crops such as dry leaves, roots, seeds, dried flowers are then brewed tea similar to classical and colored (Ruddy). Because this tea mix that is often referred to as “tea imitation”.

Talk about herbal tea, it turns out so many diseases that can be cured by consuming on a regular basis. An example is the flu and a fever. We can try to drink herbal tea with a mixture of thyme leaves, which are suitable to overcome a sore throat, cough and help the immune system of the body. So is the tea that is in the process of making mixed Lemongrass or lemongrass or peppermint could give a relaxing effect, so that we feel more at ease.

2. Benefits of flowers

Flowers also can be used as ingredients in a mixture of tea, Jasmine Flower-like petals, sunflowers, and chrysanthemum chrysanthemumatau.

Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers “useful as antioxidants to prevent liver damage and lower the heat. So did the types of chamomile flowers are suitable for insomniacs “said Dr. Santi. “Which is located on the oil produced by the flowers”.

Because drinking contained in oil of flower, then a new sort of herbal tea if mixing the flowers when dried tea, brewed not after. So the benefits of tea and flowers can work together from the beginning.

3. Eye health

For eye health, it turns out herbal tea can be used in two ways: drunk or compress to the eye. Special herbal tea bags for your eyes, if used can reduce eye, blackened bag or while tired eyes. A combination between a refreshing green tea and chamomile flowers are able to soften the area around eyes at once so antiseptic.

“If drunk, brewed in hot water until the new colored, after it was taken,” said Dr. Santi. “Examples of herbs that are beneficial to the eyes is bilberry. The ingredient can improve the blood circulation to the retina and preventing eye fatigue “.

Among the information the greatness of herbal tea, tucked the results of research which concluded that the herbal tea can damage teeth, or rather can erode teeth email. The reason, is due to acidity or pH which was conceived by an herbal tea.

According to Dr. Santi “all depends on the content of its ally. Some of the material it contains different pH. If the content of pHnya is low, meaning that tea is acidic, whereas we know that acids can damage the tooth “email.

So, check and check again the content of herbal tea that will be consumed. Herbal teas are curing too don’t then we make the drug only. Important keep a healthy lifestyle and consumption of herbal tea to taste only.