Oct 12

The Right Air-Conditioner Use For Babies


The condition of a baby room that is too hot or maybe too damp will make the baby uncomfortable and interfere with sleep at night. Therefore, air conditioning is needed to maintain the stability of the baby’s room temperature.

However, the use of air conditioning should also be considered. The installed temperature should not be too cold, and vice versa if it is too high it will trigger the air to dry. Then how to set the air conditioner temperature right for baby?

Launched from the page Romper, air conditioning or air conditioning safe for babies, but of course with some precautions.

Setting the temperature too low can certainly make your baby too cold. The ideal temperature for the baby’s room is between 18-21 degrees Celsius, regardless of how warm and cold the temperature outside.

Even so, you should keep monitoring the temperature of the room to ensure the comfort of your baby, not too hot or cold.

Similarly, you should never place a bed or anything that your baby will occupy near or directly in front of the air conditioning unit. This will cause your baby to become cold because the wind blows directly on them rather than cooling the entire room.

You also need to clean your air conditioner every season to maintain its working power and ensure no harmful vapors or dust are wafted into the entire room of your baby.

Another precaution is that you have to make sure your baby’s skin is well hydrated using safe lotion for babies because cold air can make the room dry.