Jun 03

The Risk Of Sitting Too Long Which Is Not Good For Health

back painSitting is one of the activities that definitely do every day almost everyone in the world. Yes indeed sometimes in doing work activity is indeed required to sit in a long time. As for the few jobs that require workers to perform the sit down with a long time, including office workers, machine operators and others.

But did you know turns out to be sitting too long can pose a risk or danger that could attack us. And I am sure, you never feel the side effects due to sitting for too long. And one of the side effects that often felt for those who sit too long to feel the stiff body and back pain. To be more details again, following the old risk sitting is not good for the health of the body.

Pain in the neck

I think the risk of sitting too long which is often in natural by most people that is a pain in the neck. The person sitting with a long time or exceeds one hour will certainly feel the pain in the neck. This is caused due to inflammation in the joints of the spine.

Increases the risk of diabetes

According to health experts, women who sat for 7 hours a day had a risk of greater affected by diabetes type. And when done continuously for a long time, then there may be affected by this disease.

Die young

According to a study revealed that the longer you sit so the shorter your age. This is due to perform the sit for hours, joined may develop blood, fat and improve cholesterol levels. And the risk of cardiovascular disease affected, i.e. the larger heart attack which can lead to death.

Impaired metabolic function

In a study reveals that the risk of sitting too long can interfere with the body’s metabolic system. And if the metabolic system in the body is disturbed then the effect that is happening decreased cholesterol in the body that affect the health of the body.

Back pain

And the risk of sitting too long that last is not good for health i.e. back pain. This is because the muscles become stiff due to sitting for too long.

That’s some risk too long sits you can know and understand, therefore, to keep out the bad things. There are several precautions you can do include standing up briefly every 30 minutes all Drink more water, over to your colleagues and many others.