Mar 05

This is 4 the Used Cosmetic of prohibited During Pregnancy

save cosmeticDespite being pregnant, women remain concerned with beauty. However, pregnant women need to be vigilant in the use of cosmetics.

There are a few cosmetic forbidden for pregnant women. The following products can adversely affect fetal development.

1. Medication Acne, Retinol & Salicylic Acid

Drugs and acne face cream containing retinol and salicylic acid should be avoided during pregnancy. Acne drug content was taken from a high dose, which can cause birth defects. In addition, products with low doses of retinol and salicylic acid are also not safe. Although it does not make a birth defect, but the content of vitamin A, which can adversely affect the fetus. If your acne during pregnancy, you do care after giving birth to maintain the health of the baby.

2. Aroma Cosmetics Too Sting

Scented cosmetics such as body lotion, perfume and body spray can affect the womb. Products containing perfume can poison content. For that you should stay away from all the fragrances during pregnancy.

3. Skin Lightening Products

Skin lightening and whitening product contains a chemical called hydroquinone. The content can affect the enzymes in the body that produce melanin and block the natural ingredients needed for the baby. In addition, synthetic material that is in the face-whitening products can cause allergic reactions and should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

4. Manicure & Pedicure

If your nails done when pregnant, make sure the room has good ventilation. The chemicals found in nail polish, top coat, basecoat and acetone are believed to influence the content of inhalation. A study states, salon workers who work at nail salons are prone to health problems such as babies born dead, birth defects and stunted growth. So, make sure when using nail products that you are in a room that has good air circulation.