Apr 12

This is 5 Things You Thought By Women As Sex

female1In matters of sex, women are complex beings. It could be when intercourse is done, his mind flashed a variety of things. These thoughts can certainly hinder a woman to reach orgasm. Research shows that reaching a climax, women should stop thinking about things that make them scared and nervous.

Based on a survey Mans Health USA, the following things are often passed on a woman’s brain during sex:

1. Worry Not Enough Superb In Sex Affairs

57% of women surveyed admitted Mans Health during lovemaking often think whether he enjoyed it or not. If it’s love, should reveal. “Tell me specifically what you enjoyed about it,” says Lou Paget author of the book ‘How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure’.

The survey also revealed, there are 11% of women who pay attention to her facial expression, 12% of the vote and only 4% were concerned at the size of Mr. Happy.

2. Want Done Quick Sex or Husband Coming Climax

The ideal sex experts say sex is between 3-13 minutes. So when the intimate activities carried out over the time, thought no woman can start to focus again. Moreover, if the spouse never reach climax. Women also wonder, when the he could reach ejaculation.

3. Forget Shave or Worry Body Odor

More than half of women surveyed admitted they are surely thinking about body hair and body odor during sex. When in fact the man does not care much about it. For men, the author of the book The Joy Spot, Joy Davidson, Ph.D., suggests that try to be able to make a woman forget the worries of it. Divert attention by demonstrating that enthusiasm on the part of his body that is preferred women.

4. Taking Control Over Sex

When making love, which is the usual case, the man who controls the activity. So no wonder, according Mans Health survey, more than one third of women said they often think about things a little naughty but afraid to say. One of these naughty thoughts are taking over control of sex.

5. Housework

It sounds cliché, but the above is really happening. One in four women said they often think of household chores, such as washing dishes and clothes, during sex and 20% other about work. SpotJoy author of The Joy Davidson, Ph.D. suggest try stopping to consider sex as a matter of routine for the mind washing the dishes were not coming.