Apr 13

This Is What Happens If You Paste The Onion Slices On The Soles Of The Feet While you sleep

Onion Slices on the solesIn Chinese medicine, the soles of the feet have a direct access to some of the organs in your body through what is known as the meridian. This Meridian is the line of each organ in the body. For those who understand Chinese medicine may know that the meridian system is closely related to the nervous system.

In the picture below you can see the organs and systems in the body and the connection point of the meridian in the distance.

point of the meridian

The soles of the feet have a lot of different nerve endings, there are about 7,000 nerve ends that directly connect to the various organs in the body. The ends of the nerve are a very powerful electrical circuit in the body and is often active if often receive a touch. No wonder the Chinese medical experts recommend running barefoot. The intent is to keep the ends of the nerves in the soles of the feet can directly accept many stimuli of what we as well as to get in touch directly with land containing negative ions of Earth.

One of the simplest way to open up the electricity lines (meridians) and to help purify the body’s internal organs is to how to cut shallots or garlic and paste it on your feet. Paste the onion slices on the Palm during your sleep. And in order to more easily slice the onions don’t regardless when you fall asleep, attach sliced onion on your feet and wear socks.

Here are some benefits of attaching a piece of onion on the soles of the feet while sleeping:

  • Clean up blood: while you sleep, phosphoric acid from onion absorbed through the trans-dermal on the sole of the foot and into the vessel. Phosphoric acid is capable of purifying and absorb toxins in the blood.
  • Kill bacteria, germs and pathogens: onions, garlic or both red onions have the benefits of anti-bacterial and anti-viral powerful! When you sleep, the onion will suck out harmful bacteria and toxins out of the body through the soles of the feet.
  • Purify the air: the air in the room or the room where you sleep will be clean. In the United Kingdom, the habit of storing pieces of onion and put it in the corner-a corner room is often done. It aims to clear the air of a virus that can cause a variety of diseases, including the flu.