Aug 06

Three Chocolate Chips Every Day to Keep the Healthy Heart

Chocolate ChipsMaintaining heart health can be started from doing small habits, but when the routine benefits would be felt in the long term. Ranging from smoking cessation, exercise diligent also avoids foods high in fat and high in sugar. In addition to these three things, eating chocolate also be good practice for the heart.

There have been many studies that prove the benefits of cocoa beans for health, especially the heart. Associate Professor Davod Cameron-Smith said, some of the products made of chocolate gives a significant positive effect on blood pressure when taken with the right amount.

“Unprocessed cocoa beans are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. Within a few hours after eating chocolate, you can decrease blood pressure and lasts for three to six hours,” said David, as quoted by ABC Australia.

David also explained that the consumption of chocolate for health benefits need not excessive. In 50 grams of dark chocolate or cocoa powder already contains enough quality polyphenols to help lower high blood pressure.

But the trouble is, most chocolate products sold in the market polyphenolics levels were much reduced because too many additives are included. Start of sugar, fat, until stuffing such as chocolate chips, dried fruit and nuts.

Good quality chocolate is not too much added material mixture generally has a slightly bitter taste, so many chocolate manufacturers who incorporate a lot of sugar and milk to taste better. Likewise with cocoa powder, alkaline substances often entered during order processing finer powder and the chocolate flavor is also lighter.

So keep in mind that chocolate milk or chocolate milk contains fewer polyphenols than dark chocolate. Even the kind of white chocolate does not contain polyphenols at all.

Consumption must be limited. As mentioned above, the consumption of dark chocolate should be no more than 50 grams a day. The amount is equivalent to three chocolate-chip-sized cubes. Besides the most important in maintaining heart health is to maintain ideal body weight remained, therefore, undertaken diet should also be healthy and low in calories. In addition to dark chocolate, polyphenols are also found in many other eat, shop like green leafy vegetables, green tea, berries and red wine.