Mar 27

Tips If Your Baby Has Fever

baby fever

In order to more accurately measure the temperature, avoid children with hands only. We recommend that you prepare a thermometer or temperature measuring. It is important that the child’s body temperature can be clearly known. When the fever, the body of a baby would be easy dehydration then make sure fill the fluid intake.

Mom, here are the things you need to consider when making a feverish baby care at home. See the explanation below.

  1. Make sure the little rooms are cool and comfortable for him. Note the circulation of air, as this will affect his health.
  2. Used the little clothes are thin and loose.
  3. If the body of the little chills, give blankets and socks. Make sure all her body warm making it comfortable.
    Notice the little fluid intake. When the little fever needs enough fluids.
  4. Give foods that are easily digestible and refined, because when the body condition of fever is weak.
  5. Compress the little one with warm water, avoid to compress with ice water.
  6. If the minor is already consuming other than BREAST MILK, mom can give the little cold drinks.
  7. When the temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius are small and if there are other signs, immediately contact a doctor.

So 8 things what you do when your baby fever at home. First and very important you don’t panic.